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Mar 31, 2017

Novelion Therapeutics Observes World Lipodystrophy Day

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, March 31, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Novelion Therapeutics Inc. (NASDAQ:NVLN) (TSX:NVLN), a biopharmaceutical company dedicated to developing new standards of care for individuals living with rare diseases, today announced its observance of World Lipodystrophy Day.

Chief Executive Officer Mary Szela said, "We support Lipodystrophy United (LU), the Association of Families Affected by Lipodystrophies in Spain, Europe & Latin America (AELIP), and others in the lipodystrophy community in their mission to increase awareness and diagnosis of this serious rare disease. Education is an important step towards making an impact for people affected by lipodystrophy, many of whom are undiagnosed and inadequately treated."

Lipodystrophy is a group of rare diseases characterized by a lack of fat tissue. In some patients, it is genetic, and in others it may be acquired. It can be characterized by a widespread lack of fat tissue under the skin (generalized lipodystrophy) or limited lack of fat tissue (partial lipodystrophy). This loss of fat tissue causes a deficit in the hormone leptin leading to multiple medical issues, including severe metabolic complications.

"We strive to facilitate support for lipodystrophy patients, serving as an advocate to advance knowledge, treatment and research of lipodystrophy. World Lipodystrophy Day is an important catalyst to increase public awareness, with the goal of ultimately increasing diagnosis and treatment of this serious rare disease," said Andra Stratton, president and founder of LU.

"World Lipodystrophy Day is an important initiative in order to raise awareness and understanding of the challenges faced by these patients and their families. Ultimately our goal is to improve diagnosis, treatment and care for those affected by this rare disease," said Naca Eulalia Perez de Tudela Cánovas, president and founder of AELIP.

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Novelion Therapeutics is a biopharmaceutical company dedicated to developing new standards of care for individuals living with rare diseases. Novelion has a diversified commercial portfolio through its indirect subsidiary, Aegerion Pharmaceuticals, Inc., which includes MYALEPT® and JUXTAPID®, and is also developing zuretinol acetate for the potential treatment of inherited retinal disease caused by underlying mutations in RPE65 or LRAT genes. The company seeks to advance its portfolio of rare disease therapies by investing in science and clinical development.


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